Studying at the Faculty of Social Sciences

The majority of degree studies in social sciences consist of studies in your degree programme. You can also complete studies in other disciplines. The Master’s programme culminates with the Master’s thesis, and the Bachelor’s programme with the Bachelor’s thesis.

University studies must be completed in accordance with the curriculum of a degree programme, which includes discipline-specific studies in the programme, professional skills courses and elective studies in other disciplines. You can considerably influence the content of your studies by choosing disciplines and planning your studies independently.  You can also participate in an exchange programme abroad and complete degree studies there. The University of Helsinki offers an extensive selection of exchange destinations. Student Services and teachers will provide you with guidance and support throughout your studies to help you make choices and plans.

The methods of study vary from class attendance and assignments to book-based examinations and independent written work in the form of essays. The University website includes more information on degrees.

You can find more information on curricula and courses in WebOodi.  The University website contains information on the options for completing a degree. You should also visit the Instructions for Students site for study planning.