Media and communication studies

Media and communication studies analyses related phenomena in organisations, society and culture. Key fields of research include changes in media and the public sphere, promotional culture, political communication, communication policy, science communication, the global media landscape, crisis communication and the philosophy of communication.

Researchers in media and communication studies collaborate with colleagues from a variety of fields, and utilise international networks in their research projects. The aim is not only to produce high-quality research, but also to engage with society and participate actively in public discussion.

Media and communication play a central role in the activities of various institutions and organisations. Modern democracies are based on public discussion, political communication and the creation of imagined communities. Companies, NGOs and other institutions need media and communication to make themselves visible and promote their goals. Organisations also need media and communication to increase the commitment and engagement of their staff or activists. Media – both traditional and new digital media – maintain public spaces in which key social issues are addressed and negotiated. Media and communication are also closely connected to the exercise of power which is communicative in modern societies: the pen is mightier than the sword.

Media and communication studies explores the above social phenomena from diverse and critical perspectives by analysing the role and methods of media and communication as well as related social changes. The discipline examines topics including media activities and presentations, journalism and political communication, communication policy, organisational communication, promotional communication, and science communication.

At the University of Helsinki, media and communication studies covers a wide range of research.

Current focus areas include:

  • The public sphere
  • Media
  • Organisational communication
  • Political communication
  • Communication policy
  • Science communication

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Below is a list of the research projects currently under way in media and communication studies. 

More research projects involving the discipline are listed in the research portal

Here you can find some blogs (in Finnish) by our staff and partners. Follow us to learn about current hot topics!

  • Mediayhteiskunta blog
    The “Media society” blog written by Esa Väliverronen, professor of media and communication studies
  • Janne Matikainen
    The blog written by Janne Matikainen, docent of media and communication studies, on phenomena in the online world
  • #P3 Platform
    The P3 Publics, Politics & Promotion research group comments on public life and activities.
  • Rajapinta blog
    The “Interface” blog on digital research
  • Petro Poutanen
    Petro Poutanen, a media and communication studies researcher and consultant, writes on organisational communication and creativity.
  • Media & Viestintä
    “Media & Communication” journal

Media and communication studies researchers cooperate with organisations in the field as well as with political and governmental actors, NGOs, research institutes and researchers in Finland and abroad. They engage with the public in various ways, for example, by producing research, commenting on current phenomena in the media and public debate, writing columns and blogs, giving popular lectures, and offering expert assistance and training for various communication-related issues.

Practical courses taught by professionals in the field also help maintain connections with the community.

Alumni activities promote contacts with former students who are now in the job market.

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