The Faculty is led by the dean, who is selected for a term of four years. The Faculty Council is the Faculty’s multi-member administrative organ, chaired by the dean. The Faculty also has four vice deans, each in charge of a specific area. The Faculty’s research units, disciplines and degree programmes constitute individual administrative strands.

The internal structure of the Faculty of Social Sciences was reformed at the beginning of 2018, with the division of the Faculty into three strands. The research units, disciplines and degree programmes of the Faculty constitute administrative strands each led by a vice dean.

Dean Marjaana Seppänen
Professor in Social Work

The dean monitors the Faculty’s operations and is responsible for general Faculty operations, personnel administration and its implementation according to the human resources policy of the University as well as for the Faculty’s financial affairs.

Contact information:
Phone 0294124586
Email: marjaana.seppanen@helsinki.fi

Vice-dean Juhana Aunesluoma
Research director

Vice-dean in charge of international affairs and public engagement

Contact information:
Phone: +358 2941 28808 or +358 504156592
Email: juhana.aunesluoma@helsinki.fi

Vice-dean Juri Mykkänen
University lecturer in Political Science

Vice-Dean for Faculty Disciplines

Contact information:
Phone  02941 24821
Email: juri.mykkanen@helsinki.fi