Apply to the Faculty of Social Sciences

The disciplines represented at the Faculty of Social Sciences can be studied in both Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes. Teaching is based on research in the Faculty disciplines.The Faculty of Social Sciences offers Bachelor’s programmes (in Finnish or in Swedish language) and Master’s programmes in English, or in Finnish and Swedish languages.

You can complete Bachelor of Social Sciences (BSSc) and Master of Social Sciences (MSSc) degrees at the Faculty. You can also choose to complete only one of these or continue to pursue a doctorate after completing a Master’s degree.

If you have not previously completed a degree at an institution of higher education, read more about the Faculty’s education leading to both the Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. If you have already completed a first-cycle degree, you may be eligible to apply directly to a Master’s programme.

You can find detailed descriptions of all our degree programmes on the Degree finder (or below), through which applications for studies can also be submitted.

You should also visit the University of Helsinki’s Admissions website for more information on applying and studying at the University and its Faculty of Social Sciences.

Do you wish to pursue a doctoral degree? More information on applying for postgraduate education is available on the University website.