Aiming for a doctorate?

Aiming for a doctorate? In the Faculty of Science, you can have quality postgraduate education and carry out research under the tuition of top researchers.

You can apply to postgraduate programmes during four times a year. If you are considering applying for postgraduate studies, please read the instructions carefully and contact the doctoral programme that you are interested in joining.



You can apply for the right to pursue a doctoral degree if you have completed either an applicable second-cycle university degree or an applicable education at an institution abroad proving eligibility for equivalent higher education in the country in question.

More information about the application process can be found from the Universitys's page.


The right to complete a doctoral degree is a applied from a doctoral programme so choosing the right programme is important. The list of doctoral programmes in the Faculty of Science can be found below.

First, the applicant must contact the doctoral programme responsible for the field of the planned research. The doctoral education in the University of Helsinki is organized in doctoral programmes and each doctoral candidate belongs to one doctoral programme.

Instruction for application can be found on the doctoral programmes' web pages.

In addition, the Faculty of Science participates in eight doctoral programmes, which belong to the other three doctoral schools at the University of Helsinki. These are:

The applicant may also belong to one of these programmes if the supervisor is associated with the selected programme. Instructions for applying to these doctoral programmes can be found on the programmes' web pages.

Postgraduates take the main responsibility for funding their own studies. More information about different possibilities to fund your studies can be found from the Instruction for students.