Gasera teamed up with spectroscopists 

GASERA has the mission to produce cutting edge measurement equipment for ultimate performance gas analysis. Main focus is in measuring harmful air pollutants in order to protect humans and the environment. Other markets include environment, power utility, food safety, energy, process control, safety and security. Technology solutions are based on photoacoustic spectroscopy, Fourier transform infrared principle and widely tunable mid-infrared lasers.

Driven by the values of creativity and enthusiasm Gasera is looking at rapid growth and ongoing progress in providing measurement solutions beyond what others consider possible. Gasera moved to KBL in late 2015 to collaborate with top level researchers in the field of lasers and spectroscopy. The collaboration with KBL has been steadily increasing and first joint publication will be published in 2017 demonstrating ultra-low level detection of hydrogen fluoride gas.

Gasera is continuously looking for partners in gas sensing in project ranging from fundamental research to field demonstrations.

Tuomas Hieta