Kumpula Business Labs

Kumpula Business Labs (KBL) is a carefully thought, flexible and continuously developing concept for collaboration between companies and Department of chemistry, and more broadly also the rest of the Faculty of science. KBL involves a range of operations and actions from which the best combination is always selected to meet the needs of both parties. The most comprehensive package entitles the company to:

  • rent laboratory and office rooms (monthly fee) and meeting rooms (hourly fee)
  • exploit the research infrastructure of university either by operating the equipment with its own personnel or through measurement services provided by the skilled operators of university (both with an hourly fee)
  • enter into research collaboration with university through either direct funding or joint projects
  • hire additional workforce from graduates and students for longer or shorter terms as needed
  • order workshop services

Campus library services are naturally available too. The daily presence within the inspiring academic environment opens up also possibilities for communication and consultation with the various professionals of the faculty also in informal manner.

KBL activities have in fact been running long before the concept itself was launched. Of the current KBL companies ASM Microchemistry moved in already in 2004. This collaboration has been very comprehensive covering all the aspects listed above, and has served as a model while developing the KBL concept. The other companies currently in the Chemistry department are Aha-Lab Oy, Karsa and Gasera. With the completion of the chemistry department renovation KBL can now offer refurbished laboratories and offices for immediate lease.  

KBL contact person is professor Mikko Ritala who gives further information and directs the companies to the relevant persons in both rental and research matters.