Seven reasons to study in Kumpula

Students studying at Kumpula campus

Read seven good reasons to study at the Kumpula Campus as listed by our students.

1. At the cutting edge of science

The high ranking of the University of Helsinki among the universities of the world is due to our high standard of research. The Kumpula campus is one of the largest hubs of scientific proficiency in the Nordic countries, with several Centres of Excellence. When you study with us, you are immediately part of the top crowd in your field.

2. Good job opportunities

Many of the students at the Faculty of Science gain employment at the university and in research groups during their student days. Traineeships and summer jobs open the doors into corporations and organisations. If you utilise all the education on offer at the university, you will gain a good basis for your working life.

3. Varied teaching methods

In Kumpula, we learn at lectures, through peer teaching in workshops, by lab work and calculation exercises, as well as in the field. All our teachers carry out research, and all our researchers teach – and each of them brings the latest findings directly into their teaching. The diverse facilities also support learning and new ways of studying.

4. Support for studying

On Kumpula campus, the students are part of the science community: the easily approachable teachers know their students, and students teach each other. Though studying at the university is independent and each student carries the responsibility for their own studies, there are many parties giving counselling and instruction, and they are all there for the students.

5. Friends and capital from the student community

In the student organisations, you will meet like-minded people and be able to affect the work of the university. Joining a student organisation will bring you companionship, corporate and cultural excursions, themed parties, sports events, and annual galas. Your student friends of today will be part of your network in your future working life.

6. Internationalism on campus and abroad

Internationalism is a natural part of studying with us. You can have an exchange period at a top university abroad, if you wish, and complete a traineeship abroad. There are many international students and researchers at the Kumpula campus, and many of the master's degrees are given in English. You can also study your bachelor's degree in English by choosing the Bachelor's Programme in Science.

7. Services nearby

The pleasant campus includes a science library, student restaurants, and a gym. There are many student flats in Kumpula and the Arabia shopping centre is nearby. From Kumpula, public transportation will take you to the city centre or Viikki Campus in no time.