Participating units and contact person

University of Helsinki

The group leader in University of Helsinki, Faculty of Pharmacy is University Lecturer Leena Peltonen. Main research areas are utilization of different techniques, mainly nanocrystallization, small particle systems and amorphous materials, in controlled drug delivery and formulation of poorly soluble drugs. We have also high level of expertise in physicochemical characterization, especially in spectroscopic techniques.

Uppsala University

The contact person at Uppsala University is Associate Professor Christel Bergström. Both the drug delivery group and the pharmaceutical technology group at Uppsala University have a common interest in better forecasting developability of poorly soluble compounds. Current research interests lie within amorphous dosage forms, lipid based formulations, optimization of excipient selection and computational modeling and simulation strategies applicable in biopharmaceutical profiling, formulate-ability, process technology and manufacturing.


The research groups in Copenhagen (Department of Pharmacy) represent a unique combination of academic competences. Copenhagen team is working within drug-related research and research-based teaching including pharmaceutical technology and formulation, drug delivery and advanced drug analysis. This is further supported by collaborations with global research networks and strong industrial contacts. Professor Jukka Rantanen is coordinating Copenhagen activities within the Northern Pharma Network.


The research groups in Odense (Department of Physics, Chemistry and Pharmacy) do research in the field of drug transport and drug delivery systems with unique expertise in in vitro-permeability assessment, performance ranking of enabling formulations for oral drug delivery, drug transporters and systems approaches to ADME. The group provides teaching to the pharmacy undergraduate- and graduate-programs at University of Southern Denmark, Odense. Professor Martin Brandl is coordinating Odense activities within the Northern Pharma Network.

University of Tartu

Professor Jyrki Heinämäki is coordinating the University of Tartu (Institute of Pharmacy) activities within the Northern Pharma Network. The current research interests of the research group include (1) new biomaterials and synthetic materials as novel multifunctional excipients in pharmaceutical solid dosage manufacturing, (2) amorphous solid dispersions intended for enhancing dissolution and bioavailability of poorly water-soluble drug(s), (3) novel nanostructures, nanofibers and nanomats for drug delivery systems and tissue engineering, and (4) multifunctional medicated nanofibrous wound dressings.

University of Oslo and Medical University of Gdansk

In University of Oslo the group leader is Professor Ingunn Tho and in Medical University of Gdansk Professor Malgorzata Sznitowska.