Northern Pharma Network

Northern Pharma Network (NPN)
Copenhagen, Gdansk, Helsinki, Odense, Oslo, Tartu, Uppsala

During the years 2011-2016 a well-functioning network in the research performed within pharmaceutical profiling, pharmaceutical technology and drug delivery was established between Universities in Copenhagen, Helsinki, Tartu and Uppsala with the aid of NordForsk funding.

The main activity of NPN is annual 2.5-day networking event organized every year in January. This networking event is giving a possibility for younger students to present their work in a constructive and friendly environment. The NPN meeting will be an event arranged in close relationship with local industry, and the local industrial partners can have great impact on the program of the annual meeting. Also continued research collaboration between the participating universities and industry is encouraged.

First event was organized in Helsinki, Finland in 2016, 2017 in Tartu, Estonia and after that the meetings will be held in; Odense, Denmark 2018; Uppsala, Sweden 2019 and Copenhagen, Denmark 2020.