Drug Delivery

Our research focuses on drug delivery systems and related pharmacokinetics. The research profile includes design and testing of drug delivery systems for difficult target tissues, particularly in the eye.  The research integrates effectively pharmacokinetic processes and modeling to the drug delivery systems design.

Arto Urtti is professor of biopharmaceutics at University of Helsinki. He holds similar part time position at University of Eastern Finland and leading scientist position at St. Petersburg State University.  He is expert in drug delivery and pharmacokinetics, especially in the context of ocular drug delivery.

Division of Pharmaceutical Biosciences
Field of science Pharmacy

I work in drug delivery to challenging target sites, for example posterior segment of the eye, tumors and central nervous system. The current focus of my research is the utilization of nanoparticle drug delivery systems for targeted treatment of diseases. Biomacromolecules are emerging as the most important source of new therapeutic compounds and their delivery to the target sites pose interesting challenges. With the help of my international network of collaborators, our work continues to progress the field towards better medications.

ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-6234-9193


University Researcher
Division of Pharmaceutical Biosciences
Field of science Pharmacy, Nano-technology