Assessment of teaching skills

Assessment of teaching skills at the Faculty of Pharmacy

The Faculty Teaching Skills Committee assesses teaching skills based on the written report submitted by the applicant and a demonstration of teaching skills. The Committee issues a written statement on the applicant’s teaching skills.

The following assessment matrices shall be used to aid the assessment of teaching skills:

The applicant’s report on teaching skills

Applications must be accompanied by a report on teaching skills no more than four pages in length, or an academic portfolio containing equivalent information as described below.

The applicant must include at least the following in the report on teaching skills:

1. Pedagogical training and teaching philosophy

  • Pedagogical training
  • Teaching philosophy, understanding of teaching and learning
  • Development of teaching skills
  • Practical application of pedagogical training and teaching philosophy

2. Practical teaching experience

  • Teaching experience (university teaching or equivalent)
  • Other educational experience comparable to teaching
  • Coordinating, organising and planning teaching
  • Supervising theses
  • Research-based teaching
  • Teaching development and gathering feedback

3. Ability to produce teaching and learning material

  • Producing learning material
  • Use and application of learning material in teaching

4. Other teaching qualifications

  • Awards, publications, expert and elected positions, teaching cooperation, feedback