Specialisation studies

Specialisation studies are designed for professionals who want to deepen their skills.

Specialisation studies in Industrial Pharmacy is a post-graduate programme for pharmacists (both M. Sc and B. Sc. Pharm.) working in pharmaceutical industry in any function: development, production, marketing, clinical studies, regulatory affairs, quality assurance or pharmaceutical whole sale or in regulatory positions related to pharmaceutical industry. First students started the programme in September 2016 and it has already proven to be an excellent platform to develop their own work and their whole work community.

Specialisation studies, post-graduate programme in Industrial Pharmacy, for more information, please visit HY+ pages.


Contact information:

Community and hospital Pharmacy
Clinical instructor Sonja Kallio
University  lecturer Raisa Laaksonen
Professor Marja Airaksinen

Industrial Pharmacy
University  lecturer Mia Sivén
Professor Anne Juppo