The Faculty of Pharmacy produces pharmaceutical experts who can work in a range of interesting positions, from drug development to official duties in the pharmaceutical sector and patient-centred duties at pharmacies and hospitals.

The Faculty offers the undergraduate (first- and second-cycle) degrees of Bachelor of Science (Pharmacy) and Master of Science (Pharmacy) and also educates Swedish-speaking Master of Science (Pharmacy) graduates. In addition to these degrees qualifying for a legalized health care professional status, the faculty offers a research-oriented Master of Science degree from an international study programme. Specialisation studies are provided as post-graduate studies in Community and Hospital Pharmacy and Industrial Pharmacy. The Faculty offers the postgraduate (third-cycle) degrees of Doctor of Philosophy (Pharmacy) as well as the degree of Doctor of Philosophy.

The objectives of pharmacy degrees are to educate experts for pharmaceutical tasks throughout the healthcare sector and to provide the knowledge and skills needed to maintain and improve professional expertise.