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The research support services pave the way for smooth research work and save time for research. The services are offered through the University’s intranet Flamma, as on-site services near the researchers, in campus-specific service centres and in University Services. They are continuously developed to meet the users’ needs.

University of Helsinki Services for researchers.

Research at the Faculty of Medicine is primarily conducted in research groups, the leaders of which coordinate external funding, which gives them significant rights and responsibilities. Principal investigators at the Faculty of Medicine are appointed by heads of department at the proposal of the Research Council. The Research Faculty is composed of more than 500 principal investigators or group leaders.

New principal investigators are appointed according to the following criteria outlined in Rector’s Decision No 103/2009:

  • Doctoral degree
  • External funding acquired personally
  • Supervision of one or more doctoral students
  • Operating in Faculty facilities or facilities owned by related organisations
  • Affiliation with the Faculty
  • Commitment to the research ethical principles of the University of Helsinki

According to the Rector’s Decision, the principal investigator can be a person closely linked with the research activities of a faculty or independent institute, but need not be employed by the University of Helsinki. In relevant fields of research, the principal investigator can also be an independent researcher without a research group. Recognising research groups and their leaders as core research units at the Faculty is in accordance with international practices and significantly improves awareness of ongoing research activities and trends.

The Research Faculty provides a forum for principal investigators to better promote the distribution of research resources (infrastructures, positions and facilities) at the Faculty. As per the Rector's Decision, the work duties of a principal investigator employed at the University with external funding can include teaching related to the research work for five per cent of the annual workload without separate compensation. The language of operation of the Research Faculty is English.

Applying for a principal investigator position

Applications for a principal investigator position are submitted through the Research Portal:

  1. Go to
  2. Select “Personal” from the menu.
  3. Click “Edit profile” under the image.
  4. Select “Principal investigator” from the sidebar.
  5. Check the box “I would like to submit a Principal Investigator Application”.
  6. Select “Faculty of Medicine”.
  7. Type or paste the application text.
  8. Click “Save” at the bottom of the page, which submits the application to the Faculty.
  9. Send your CV and a list of publications as a single pdf file to

Applications for principal investigator positions are assessed by the dean of research or, at his or her request, the Research Council.

Further information
Senior advisor Alise Hyrskyluoto,

Principal investigators at the Faculty of Medicine actively apply for funding for their research projects, and this external funding comprises as much as 80% of the Faculty’s University funding.

The most significant national funding providers include the Academy of Finland, several private foundations and Business Finland.

Key foundations include

Some 30% of the Faculty’s external funding comes from international funding providers, the largest of which is the EU. An increasing number of Faculty researchers are part of international research projects funded through EU framework programmes. In addition, research projects funded by the European Commission's Directorate General for Health and Food Safety are currently operating at the Faculty. The Faculty has also received funding from the National Institute of Health in the US.

Key international foundations that fund researchers at the Meilahti Campus include NordForsk, which provides funding for Nordic research cooperation, the Association for International Cancer Research AICR and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation JDRF. Finally, pharmaceutical companies also provide international funding under international research agreements.

European Research Council
Horizon 2020
The ResearchProfessional network


The committee issues statements on proposals for investigator-driven medical research at the Faculty, where necessary. The committee does not consider research proposals that require a statutory statement from the hospital district ethics committee or the National Committee on Medical Research Ethics.

Sub­mis­sion of doc­u­ments

The principal investigator must submit to the committee a research proposal of no more than six pages, a statement on the reasons for the need for an ethical preview, as well as his or her own assessment of the ethics of the research. The documents must be submitted to the committee secretary via email. The committee attempts to process the research proposals within three weeks of their submission. The processing may take longer during holiday seasons.


  • Chair: Professor Antti Sajantila, Medicum, Department of Forensic Medicine
  • Public health: Professor Ossi Rahkonen, Clinicum, Department of Public Health
  • Biostatistics: Professor Samuli Ripatti, Clinicum, Department of Public Health, FIMM
  • Psychiatry: Professor Anna Keski-Rahkonen, Medicum, Department of Public Health,
  • Biomedicine: Dr Nils Bäck, Medicum, Department of Anatomy
  • Clinical and theoretical research: Clinical Instructor Petteri Arstila, Medicum, Department of Bacteriology and Immunology
  • Clinical research: Clinical Instructor Mika Laitinen, Clinicum, Department of Internal Medicine
  • Data protection: University Services
  • Secretary and Lay member: Service Coordinator Eeva-Liisa Saarinen, University Services, Meilahti Campus