Specific training for medical specialists

The purpose of specific training for medical specialists is to ensure that the health service system (employers) have access to the specialist expertise they need. In certain specialities, such expertise is needed only at university hospitals, while in others, the expertise is also required on a more extensive scale. Specific training can be pursued after the completion of specialist training. The training includes practical service, theoretical course-based training and a written examination.

Registration in the Faculty’s specific training programmes requires that the programme coordinator has prepared a training plan for the specialist in question. To register, the form below as well as the basic details form must be completed.

Apply for the right to study

Application period 2018 (in Finnish)

Electronic form (The form is open only in the application period).

Once the training has been completed, the Faculty of Medicine will award a diploma that specifies the national requirements and the content of the specific training programme. To obtain the diploma, graduates must submit a diploma application form.

More information

In addition to the Faculty’s specific training programmes, the Finnish Medical Association coordinates a system of special qualifications. For more information, please see the Association website.