Practical service and in-service training

Service in community health care centres

Specialist training in all specialities shall include at least nine (9) months of service in a community health centre. During this period specialising physicians shall under the supervision of a tutor familiarise themselves thoroughly with several areas of the health centre operations.

The Department of General Practise and Primary Health Care of Helsinki University has list of the teaching health care centers of HUCH area in Finnish.

Training outside university hospitals and trunk training

Some related training programmes include common trunk training. The common trunk shall mainly be completed outside university hospitals. This shall ensure that the training covers a sufficient range of topics and is otherwise appropriate in terms of the health care system as well as provide the specialising physician with sufficient knowledge and skills for duties such as emergency call service. A specific coordinator may be appointed for the trunk training period. At training posts outside university hospitals, the specialising physicians’ work shall be supervised by a trainer approved by the training unit, a personal tutor and other medical specialists. A list of approved training posts can be found on the Faculty website.

Service at university hospitals and training in the speciality

During speciality training the specialising physicians shall familiarise themselves with the knowledge and skills pertaining to their chosen speciality as well as with the duties of a medical specialist. Ordinarily, training in the speciality shall be completed at a university hospital. However, depending on the speciality, parts of the training may be completed at other teaching hospitals with which the University has a training agreement. A list of approved training posts can be found on the Faculty website.

At least half of the training shall be completed outside university hospitals, with the exception of the specialities listed in the relevant government decrees. Training units may make speciality-specific decisions of exception regarding the compulsory training outside university hospitals if non-university central hospitals or other facilities are unable to provide a training post within a reasonable period of time.

At university hospitals, the work of specialising physicians shall be supervised by the degree programme coordinator, other trainers, personal tutors, University teaching staff and medical specialists employed by the hospital.

Specialist training is carried out at the Helsinki University Central Hospital (HUCH) and 40 other hospitals all over the country which are approved as teaching hospitals.