Medical Studies


Please find the offered courses for academic year 2020-2021:

Successful enrollment in University of Helsinki international medical semester requires preclinical studies (2 years) plus one year of clinical as well as a basic knowledge of pathology, virology, serology and bacteriology. 

All applicants must fulfill the  HUS guidelines vaccination requirement . The attached vaccination record must be filled out, signed and included along with the required application documents.


Research work on some of  the research groups at Faculty of Medicine or making student’s own thesis under the guidance of some of our teachers or professors is possible. The ECTS points for Research Project is counted as follows: 1 week of full time work is 1,5 ECTS points; 2 weeks = 3 points, etc.

You may also include applicable TRANSMED master programme courses and/or courses in our doctoral programmes in your learning agreement, along with other optional course work.

Working on your Learning Agreement?

Please add the courses for the pertinent semester as offered in our international semester and add applicable Transmed, Doctoral school, optional and /or research options to fulfill the 5 ECTS per each exchange month requirement.  Please note every class and  the final exam in the international semester schedule is obligatory.

Medical courses in Finnish or Swedish

Medical exchange students can apply to be admitted to the courses held in Finnish or in Swedish.  The applicant must be beyond 3rd year of medical studies,  fluent in the language the course is held and there must be a vacant place available.  As space is extremely limited and each application requires course specific consultation at the end of the enrollment period please draft your learning agreement in mobility online with our international program only.

Contact information:

For further questions about medical studies for international exchange/visiting students, please contact Arja Mielonen-Walker, International Exchange Services. +358 2941 22401,