Apply to the Faculty of Medicine

The Faculty of Medicine offers undergraduate education in medicine, dentistry, psychology,  logopedics and translational medicine.

The degree programmes in medicine and dentistry at the University of Helsinki are divided into Finnish- and Swedish-speaking study lines. The students admitted to Swedish-language medical or dental education account for no more than five per cent of students admitted to medical or dental education in the whole country. The University of Helsinki is the only university in Finland to have study lines in medicine and dentistry in Swedish.

The Faculty of Medicine has no separate guide for applicants, because all the necessary information can be found on the website maintained by University of Helsinki Admission Services or on the service, which is also the portal where applicants submit their applications. If you have any questions concerning the admission procedure, please contact the University of Helsinki Admission Services.

Students from outside the Faculty can be granted the right to pursue medical studies as minor subject students, non-degree students or as students in the Flexible Study Right Scheme JOO.

The MD PhD programme

The MD PhD programme of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Helsinki, enables students to begin their doctoral research projects under high-quality supervision alongside their undergraduate studies already after their first year of study. Students are selected to the programme annually from among first-year students of medicine and dentistry. At the first stage of the programme, supervision is provided by two teacher tutors and one to two peer tutors.

MD PhD students will work in research groups for a total of three months for five summers before completing their Licentiate’s degrees in medicine or dentistry. During the first two summers, the students will have a unique opportunity to conduct research in three to four different research groups to familiarise themselves with different research settings and topics.