Legal research information

FORUM IURIS, the Faculty of Law’s publication series established in 1999, serves as a publication channel for top-quality academic research and studies. Most of publications are in Finnish, but some are also in English and Swedish.

The authors include the Faculty’s professors and distinguished researchers, who provide new perspectives on legal problems and their solutions based on the latest research in the field. The topics encompass all fields of law. The publications in the Forum Iuris series meet the needs of academic environments, as well as those of public administration, courts of law, and industry and trade.

The series is edited by Research Coordinator Suvi Sankari, and the editorial board consists of members of the Faculty’s research affairs committee.

Forum Iuris publications are available online from Unigrafia.

If you have any other questions about the Forum Iuris publications, please contact:

The E-thesis service contains doctoral dissertations and Master’s theses completed at the University of Helsinki. The service can be freely accessed online also from outside the University.

Some of the dissertations are not available in full due to copyright issues. The most recent Master’s theses are published in a fully digital format.

The Erik Castrén Institute publishes reports and monographs. See the list on the institute’s website.