High-quality legal research provides the basis for the Faculty’s operations. In addition to conducting research in legal fields (such as private law, criminal law, procedural law, international law and administrative law), the Faculty collaborates with researchers from other disciplines on specific themes, such as globalisation, digitalisation and sustainable development.

The Faculty’s researchers are internationally recognised especially for their theoretical, critical and historical research approaches. Focus areas of research

Several research units and projects, including the Erik Castrén Institute, the Finnish China Law Center and the Legal Tech Lab, also operate at or in connection with the Faculty.

In 2018–2019, the research conducted at the University of Helsinki was assessed. The scientific quality of the research conducted at the Faculty of Law was found to be very good, and its societal impact was assessed to be excellent.

The Faculty also offers doctoral education in law in the Doctoral Programme in Law, which is part of the University of Helsinki’s Doctoral School in Humanities and Social Sciences (HYMY). Some 15–20 doctoral students graduate each year. Doctoral dissertations are mostly written in English.