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The first-cycle degree of Bachelor of Laws and the second-cycle degree of Master of Laws both include courses in different branches of law. The compulsory branches of law taught at the Faculty are grouped into six thematic modules. The thematic modules are as follows:

  • Public Law
  • Private Law I
  • Private Law II
  • Crime, Procedure, Administration and Environment
  • Economy, Society and Law
  • General Jurisprudence

Teaching is organised so that the branches of law taught under each thematic module constitute a coherent and appropriately aligned whole in terms of content and methods.

Intermediate studies in the Bachelor’s Programme in Law are grouped into six thematic modules. Optional studies in the Master’s Programme in Law follow the same grouping into thematic modules.

The Public Law thematic module focuses on four interlinked branches of law: constitutional law, public European law, general administrative law and international law.
Public Law: Coordinating teacher Tuomas Ojanen

Intermediate studies included in the Private Law I thematic module focus on five interlinked branches of law: contract law, general law of obligations, property law, family and inheritance law, and insolvency law. The Private Law II thematic module continues examining the branches of law pertaining to private law.
Private Law I: Coordinating teacher Ville Pönkä
Private Law II: Coordinating teacher Anette Alén-Savikko

The Crime, Procedure, Administration and Environment thematic module focuses on four interlinked branches of law: criminal law, procedural law, administrative procedure law and environmental law.
Crime, Procedure, Administration, Environment: Coordinating teacher Sakari Melander

The Economy, Society and Law thematic module examines the legal aspects of the economy, entrepreneurship and ethics. The module will also focus on laws regarding companies, securities markets, accounting and taxes.
Economy, Society and Law: Coordinating teacher Olli Norros

The General Jurisprudence thematic module provides an overview and societal context for the larger patterns of development and change in the legal history of Europe.
General Jurisprudence: Coordinating teacher Visa Kurki

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