The alumni of the Faculty of Law are legal professionals employed in a broad range of sectors, including the judicial system, public administration, private industry and trade, organisations and research. The Faculty will continue to educate top-quality, outstanding professionals to meet the needs of different fields in society.

What makes alumni activities so important is the sense of community that arises from students of different years being able to remain in contact with their Alma Mater. The alumni are a valuable resource for the University. It is largely through them that the University’s impact is felt. It is also rewarding to see that the alumni appreciate what the University has given them.

Lifelong learning links practicing professionals more closely to the University throughout their careers. No institution, not even the University, can educate “ready” experts – an academic education must be linked to all other forms of training. The University stands out from other educational institutions in that all its activities are based on the highest level of academic competence.

The Faculty works in close cooperation with the alumni. The practical skills courses, taught by legal professionals from outside the Faculty, are a good example of this. By sharing their practical experiences with students, these experts serve as important links to employers and the labour market.