The Faculty engages with society through its core mission of legal education and research. In addition to carrying out research and teaching, the Faculty’s researchers and teachers work in demanding roles in the public and private sectors. They also publish a significant part of the legal research meant for demanding professional use.

The Faculty is aware of its responsibility for the standard of expertise and lifelong learning of the legal profession. The Faculty offers professional continuing education, and its staff also actively teach and lecture outside the Faculty.

Undergraduate teaching is planned and provided utilising professional connections. The Faculty has an advisory board led by the dean and consisting of Faculty alumni and stakeholder representatives.

Lawyers graduating from the Faculty have excellent job prospects in a variety of sectors. The Faculty’s alumni are an important resource, who are offered many types of alumni activities.

The Faculty’s significant fundraising efforts are based on active cooperation with the society. At the moment, around a third of professorships and assistant professorships have been set up using external donations. A new initiative involves the use of donated funds to establish fixed-term and part-time professorships of practice.