Apply to the Faculty of Law

In the Faculty of Law you can study in Finnish, in Swedish and in English. You have also the possibility to complete a bilingual (Finnish-Swedish) bachelor´s degree. 

We offer one bachelor’s and three master’s programmes and one doctoral programme. Finnish/Swedish taught bachelor´s and master´s studies are offered in Helsinki and in Vaasa. English taught master´s programmes are offered only in Helsinki.

In our Faculty you can complete following degrees: Bachelor of Laws (oikeusnotaari, ON), Master of Laws (oikeustieteen maisteri, OTM), Master of International and Comparative Law (kansainvälisen ja vertailevan oikeustieteen maisteri, MICL) and Doctor of Laws (oikeustieteen tohtori, OTT).

With Bachelor of Laws degree you are qualified to apply for positions which require first-cycle degree. Master of Laws degree and Master of International and Comparative Law (MICL) degree qualify you to apply for positions which require second-cycle degree. Finnish taught Master of Laws degree qualifies you also for positions which require specifically a Finnish Master of Laws degree. Doctor of Laws qualifies you to apply for positions which require a doctoral degree.

Find out more about our programmes and application procedures. Detailed instructions on applying are available on the Apply for bachelor's and master's programmes website. Please note that applications to our bachelor´s and master´s programmes are submitted via Studyinfo portal.

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