Supervision agreement

The Faculty of Educational Sciences assigns each postgraduate student

  • responsible professor
  • and at least two supervisors who hold a doctoral degree. At least one of the supervisors must be in a permanent or long-term employment at the Faculty awarding the doctoral degree and at least one of the supervisors must hold the title of docent or similar scientific qualifications. The responsible professor can be one of the supervisors.

The postgraduate student, the responsible professor and supervisors must always sign a supervision contract, which is usually valid for four years from the date of signature. The Head of the Department must also sign the contract, if the supervision involves fees. No fee for external supervision will be paid unless separately agreed. If no supervision fee is paid, the supervision will be recorded as scientific collaboration. The applicant must obtain the necessary signatures.

The supervision contract must state as precisely as possible how often the student will participate in discussions with the supervisor(s) and seminars, and how often he or she will report on the progress of the dissertation project. In addition, the contract must describe the distribution of work between the supervisors as well as the other responsibilities of the supervisors and the student, such as organising seminars. The contract commits the student to defend his or her dissertation at the Faculty of Educational Sciences. The student and the supervisors commit themselves to inform the Steering Committee of the Doctoral Programme if one of the supervisors is unable to serve in the supervisory duty.

When a supervisor takes an international doctoral student to be supervised, she/he is obliged to arrange an English speaking seminar.

Supervisory contracts are archived as attachments to electronic applications. The archiving responsibility rests with the Faculty’s research affairs administrators. The Faculty collects the contracts and files them according to the applicant’s name as well as the year in which he or she was granted the right to complete a degree. The Doctoral Programme’s Steering Committee and the Faculty Council have access to the contracts.

Doctoral students themselves hold primary responsibility for completing their dissertation. They are entitled to regular guidance and supervision, also in their doctoral studies.

Supervision contract form