Postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Educational Sciences

The objectives of postgraduate education are as follows:

  • The students become profoundly familiar with their research field and its social significance.
  • The students acquire, within their field, the ability to apply scientific research methods critically and independently and to contribute to scientific knowledge.
  • The students become familiar with the historical development, fundamental issues and research methods of their field.
  • The students acquire sufficient understanding of general scientific theory and the disciplines related to their research field so as to be able to follow future developments.

A student admitted into a doctoral programme must complete postgraduate studies, demonstrate independent and critical thinking in his or her field, complete a doctoral dissertation and  defend it in a public examination.

The objective is to complete a doctoral degree in four years. Postgraduate students must show initiative and make a systematic effort to complete a dissertation. A doctoral degree comprises a dissertation and other studies (40 cr). A doctoral degree provides the qualifications to work in demanding academic positions and as experts in the public sector.

Application instructions can be found at the Doctoral Programme's pages, see below:

The Faculty of Educational Sciences coordinates two doctoral programmes: 

In addition to the above, postgraduate students of the Faculty of Educational Sciences can belong to the following doctoral programmes that fall under the responsibility of other faculties: