Doctoral education

Doctoral education at the Faculty of Educational Sciences provides interesting dissertation project opportunities for students pursuing a doctoral degree. The target period for completing a dissertation is four years of full-time study. We hope that our selection of disciplines entices you to pursue postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Educational Sciences.

Completing a doctoral degree requires systematic and persistent effort. The work entails writing a dissertation and completing other studies. The objective of a doctoral degree is to generate a scientifically significant dissertation and, more broadly, research-based expertise which can be applied to education. Only some doctors are able to continue their careers as postdoctoral researchers. For this reason, students planning their studies should note that they may eventually need to continue on to challenging duties outside the University.

Doctoral graduates from the Faculty of Educational Sciences are academic experts who have completed a diverse degree programme and have the qualifications to perform demanding research and teaching duties at universities and serve in expert positions which require academic competence.