Faculty management

The faculty is led by the dean. The dean is a professor elected by the faculty council whose task is to supervise and manage the operations of the faculty. The dean decides and deals with faculty issues unless otherwise provided in an act, decree or university Regulations.

The dean selects vice-deans to support him or her in the development of the faculty, the implementation of the Strategic Plan of the University and the promotion of interdepartmental cooperation as determined by the dean. During the operating period 2018–2021, the faculty has three vice-deans, whose primary responsibility areas encompassed research, teaching and societal interaction.

The power of decision in the faculty is vested in an 18-member faculty council which includes representatives of all staff groups and students. The Dean acts as the Chair of the Faculty Council. 

Professor Johanna Mäkelä is the dean of the Faculty of Educational Sciences.

Tel.: +358 (0)2941 29691
Email: johanna.m.makela [at] helsinki.fi

University lecturer, Title of Docent Anu Laine is the vice-dean in charge of academic affairs.

Tel.: +358 (0)2941 29551
Email: anu.laine [at] helsinki.fi

Professor Pirita Seitamaa-Hakkarainen is the vice-dean in charge of research.

E-mail: pirita.seitamaa-hakkarainen [at] helsinki.fi

Professor Arto Kallioniemi is in charge of the societal interaction of the faculty.

Tel.: +358 (0)2941 29610
Email: arto.j.kallioniemi [at] helsinki.fi