Departments and units

The Centre for University Teaching and Learning HYPE fosters research on learning and teaching in higher education and improves university teachers’ skills and understanding of the factors of successful studying and high quality teaching. Centre's multidisciplinary research focuses on learning, teaching, learning environments, and practices in Higher Education. The Centre cooperates closely with pedagogical experts across the universities nationally and internationally.

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The Centre for Educational Assessment (CEA) at the University of Helsinki was established in 1996 to develop an instrument for measuring learning to learn as the key transversal skills vital for lifelong learning. Today, CEA works in collaboration with schools and municipalities, and for the National Board of Education and the Ministry of Education and Culture in educational assessment and other strands of educational research and development.

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CICERO Learning is a network for distinguished researchers and research groups on learning. The researchers of the network are based in different universities and research institutes in Finland. The network builds co-operation with research groups and units around the world.

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