Organismal and Evolutionary Biology

The Organismal and Evolutionary Biology Research Programme (OEB) of the Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences comprises roughly 40 research groups which employ 40 principal investigators and 120 researchers. Our researchers work in the Biocenters of the University of Helsinki’s Viikki Campus. The research programme is very international, as its experts come from all over the world.

Our research is focused on the organism and population levels of a number of species, including single-cell organisms, invertebrates, plants and vertebrates. The programme employs diverse research approaches ranging from molecular biology, physiology, evolutionary genetics and genomics to theoretical modelling and bioinformatics.

Among other topics, our researchers are investigating factors related to the regulation of development and cell signalling in plants and animals, the adaptation of organisms to stress and its effects on their survival in a changing climate as well as factors impacting the evolution of organisms. The research produces and utilises large-scale datasets in ecology, bioinformatics and metabolomics, or the study of cellular metabolites.


The strengths of the Organismal and Evolutionary Biology Research Programme include:

  • Large research groups that complement each other well in the fields of ecology and plant biology
  • The Centre of Excellence in Molecular Biology of Primary Producers
  • The Thriving Nature profile-building project, which produces and applies new research findings
  • Our diverse publications (see the University of Helsinki Research Portal)

In addition to studying organisms and populations in their natural surroundings, the programme’s researchers have the opportunity to conduct research under controlled conditions at the research stations of the University of Helsinki in TvärminneLammi and Kilpisjärvi, as well as the research farm and greenhouses on Viikki Campus.

Centralised research infrastructures of a high quality in the fields of genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics and mass spectrometry, metabolomics, plant phenotyping as well as optical, confocal and electron microscopy provide researchers with excellent means for investigating a variety of biological processes.


Our partners and networks include the Natural Resources Institute Finland LUKE and the Finnish Environment Institute SYKE, both of which are also located at Viikki Campus. 

Degree programmes

Our researchers provide instruction in the following degree programmes at the University of Helsinki:

  • Bachelor’s programmes: Bachelor's Programme in Biology, Bachelor’s Programme in Molecular Biosciences 
  • Master’s programmes: Master's Programme in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Master’s Programme in Plant Biology, Master's Programme in Life Science Informatics, Master’s Programme in Genetics and Molecular Biosciences 
  • Doctoral programmes: Doctoral Programme in Plant Sciences (DPPS), Doctoral Programme in Integrative Life Science (ILS), Doctoral Programme in Wildlife Biology (LUOVA)



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