The Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences is a prominent component of the growing and developing research and education cluster on the Viikki Campus. The Faculty also conducts research at three biological research stations: Kilpisjärvi, Lammi Biological Station and Zoological station at Tvärminne.

The Faculty is a diverse and active operating environment. Our internationally prestigious research and researcher education are mirrored in the number of our national centres of excellence as well as the number of our doctoral graduates.

Several research infrastructure facilities of the Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences and HiLIFE offer research services, instruments, facilities and technologies for academic research groups, companies and authorities subject for charge.

The research groups at the Faculty have been successful in attracting highly competitive external funding. They have received, for example, academy professor and centre of excellence funding from the Academy of Finland and European Research Council (ERC) funding from the European Union. Read more about top research on the University of Helsinki website.

There are three research programmes in the Faculty:

The Faculty coordinates five different doctoral programmes.

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