Graduation and diplomas

Completing a degree ends with graduation. More information on graduating is available in Instructions for Students (students studying under the new curriculum, i.e. students who have received a study right to the Faculty of Arts on or after 1.8.2017) and in Flamma (students studying under the old curriculum, i.e. students who have received a degree study right to the Faculty of Arts on or before 1.8.2016). However, studying and learning need not end with graduation; you may complete additional studies at the Open University, as continuing education at the University of Helsinki Centre for Continuing Education, or as non-degree studies. Get to know also the University's webpage Other study options.

You'll find information about work life on Career services pages.

The Studies in the teaching subject for subject teachers page on the Instructions for students -website contains instructions for applying for an equivalency certificate.

The Faculty issues copies of your degree diploma upon request. For more information, go to Instructions for Students, Copies and translations of the degree diploma.

Official transcripts of studies are available from the Student Services of the University of Helsinki upon request.

NB! Beginning on January 1st, 2016, the faculties will no longer issue English- or Swedish-language translations of a Finnish-language diploma (due resoursce reasons).

However, section 26 of the Government Decree on University Degrees stipulates that universities must issue a Finnish- or Swedish-language diploma to students who have completed a degree in a language other than Finnish or Swedish. This means that if the original diploma you receive from the faculty is issued in English, then you are entitled to a copy of the diploma also in Finnish or Swedish.

If you completed the second-cycle degree of filosofian kandidaatti before 1994, you may apply for the title of a Master of Arts from the Faculty of Arts using a form designed for this purpose (in Finnish).