Agricultural Sciences

Agriculture is the basis of food security. In the coming decades, agricultural research will be labelled simultaneously by the demand to provide enough food for the increasing population and concern about the sustainability of the whole system of food production and consumption under global change, including climate change, environmental burden, sufficiency of natural resources, shortage of energy and dietary changes.

The aim of the Department of Agricultural Sciences is to conduct research on plant production in agriculture and horticulture, animal production, and technologies and environmental effects pertaining to them, as well as to yield societal impact through research. The main research fields of the department are agrotechnology, animal science, biotechnology, plant production sciences, and soil and environmental science.

The multidisciplinary research of the department aims at strengthening basic agricultural research and increasing its points of contact with applied research. The research of the department is of high quality and internationally valued and, at the same time, nationally important, as it benefits agriculture and horticulture, and related livelihoods. The quality and breadth of research will be strengthened further through more intensive networking both in Finland and internationally.

Key research fields: