Research groups of the Economics and Management

Below are the introductions of the research groups that operate partly or wholly at the department of Economics and Management in alphabetical order.



Agricultural Economics
Agricultural Economics is one of the research fields of the Economics and Management

Our main fields of research are agricultural economics and rural entrepreneurship, agricultural business economics, agricultural, rural and food policy, agricultural and food markets and agriculture and food security in the developing world.


Consumer Economics
Consumer Economics is one of the research fields of the Economics and Management


Economics of Aquatic Ecosystems
The group studies the drivers and the policy instruments that drive utilization and protection of aquatic environments and resources. The topics include optimal harvesting of fish stocks, cost-benefit analysis of marine protection, best practices to control invasive species and to control of oil damages.

Environmental and Resource Economics
Environmental and Resource Economics is one of the research fields of the Economics and Management
Environmental and resource economics studies the interaction of society and environment, environmental issues and problems, and nature conservation by applying economic theory and methods. The goal is to ensure sustainable utilization of our natural resources, while preventing the degradation of nature.

Environmental Policy Research Group (EPRG)
Group leader: Janne Hukkinen
EPRG studies the socio-cognitive aspects of environmental policies and sustainable technologies. Since 2008, several research projects have built up the group’s competence in environmental risk governance, knowledge integration in environmental and technology issues, and sustainability indicators and scenarios.


Quality, transdisciplinary research on sustainable business management, in the context of the forest sector and beyond.

Future Sustainable Food Systems
Group leader: Hanna Tuomisto
The multidisciplinary research team is interested is exploring solutions for ensuring the sustainability of food systems in the future.


Group leader: Toni Ryynänen
Constructing sustainable practices by combining people with emerging technologies and novel economies.

Human-Nature Transformations
Group leader: Christopher Raymond
In the Human-Nature Transformations Research Group we develop inter- and trans-disciplinary approaches for recognising diverse human-nature relationships and for promoting transformations toward a just, healthy and sustainable future.


Management & Organizations For Sustainable Food Systems
Food Economics and Business Management is one of the research fields of the Economics and Management

We consider our food-research to be an interdisciplinary challenge toward a sustainable future, in social, economic, and environmental terms. We therefore aim to contribute toward a better understanding of managerial, economic and behavioural issues in food systems.


Process Studies on Sustainable Economy
Group leaders: Pasi Heikkurinen and Jarkko Pyysiäinen

Our research group investigates the becoming of sustainable economies in multiple contexts. We build on process philosophy and focus on understanding the enactors, enactments, and enablers — as well as their relations — relevant for a sustainable economy. Recent phenomena investigated include affordances, agency, culture, degrowth, social practices, self-provisioning, sufficiency, and technology.


Value creation in marketing
Marketing (Value creation in marketing) is one of the research fields of the Economics and Management
Our research group in Marketing is focused on issues related to food marketing and business development.