Recognition of Marriages under Private International Law and Migration Law: Recognition Private and Public

Nicole Stybarnova's PhD addresses the recognition of marriages under Migration Law and Private International Law. Through a historical analysis of the policies and doctrine, Nicole shows that both of these legal fields have different functions in state power. The particular analytical focus is to study the construction of the rules and doctrines to demonstrate that both fields have rules for the recognition of marriages that adhering to a capitalist logic substantiating the view of a proper or desirable function of marriage in the state. The project elaborates the ways in which this logic foregrounds the racist, sexist and discriminatory effects that rules for marriage recognition produce today.


Nicole Stybnarova portrait

Nicole Stybnarova, MPhil (University of Oxford, 2022), LLM (Charles University in Prague, 2016) is currently a PhD candidate at the Erik Castrén Institute (ECI), University of Helsinki. Her research interests intersect Migration Law, Private International Law, Public International Law and Human Rights and Critical Social Theory. Prior to joining ECI, Nicole has worked in diplomatic services and private legal practice.

She has been a visiting fellow at the Max Planck Institute of Social Anthropology (2019), University of Copenhagen (2019), University College London (2021) and Copenhagen Business School (2021). She has co-convened several workshops and projects, for example Feminist Jurisprudence Discussion Group in the Law Faculty of Oxford University (co-convenor), NOS-HS funded 'Transnational Childhoods' (co-convenor), NOS-HS funded CONNOR (Constitutionalism in the Nordics, co-convenor).

Her latest publications and research outputs can be accessed at the University of Helsinki Research Portal.