Archaeology at the University of Helsinki has 7 core staff members in either permanent or tenure-track positions; hosts 10 fully-funded post-Docs/researchers who also participate in teaching and supervision and has the honour to name 16 Docents amongst its associate staff. We all together currently supervise around 25 PhD students with their respective doctoral research projects. In an average year, we generate between 5 and 10 new masters and 2 to 4 new doctors. 

Professor in Archaeology

I am a Prehistoric Archaeologist, working as a Professor in Helsinki since 2018 and specializing in the European Neolithic and Bronze Age, for which periods I focus on current prehistoric top themes such as mobility, identity, ethnicity, ideology etc. I promote, whenever possible, the application of natural sciences in Archaeology and regularly incorporate scientific methods in my own research. Besides other undertakings, I am the overall PI of the European Research Council (ERC) Advanced project no. 788616 – ‘The Yamnaya Impact on Prehistoric Europe’ (YMPACT). 

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University Lecturer

My research interests focus on prehistoric worldview and identity, particularly as expressed through various forms of art, such as rock paintings and engravings. Although much of my work focuses on the small-scale hunter-gatherer societies of Northern Europe, I have also worked extensively in the Near East, and I am currently the vice-director of a Academy of Finland Centre of Excellence (2018-2025) on Ancient Near Eastern Empires.

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Assistant Professor in Maritime Archaeology

I am interested in maritime cultural landscapes, and am currently focusing in relating climate, environment, and culture change to each other being particularly drawn to the construction of island identities. I have an extensive fieldwork experience and a fascination in the development of innovative techniques for the presentation of archaeological sites to public and professional audiences.

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Postdoctoral Researcher

I am interested in the ways immaterial aspects of life, such as religion, storytelling and social relationships, materialize in the archaeological record. In addition, my research interests lies in ritual and mortuary archaeology.

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University Researcher

My research concentrates on developing an interdisciplinary methodology in the study of ancient architecture, combining geoarchaeology, building archaeology and social anthropology. I work in the Mediterranean region, Africa and Asia with research interests in earthen architecture, knowledge of production, identity construction and community archaeology.

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Postdoctoral Researcher

My research interests range from subjects of terrestrial and maritime archaeology from the period of Classical Antiquity to issues of modern maritime history and ethnography. I am an advocate for sustainability and taking action to confront the climate emergency. With my research I would like to encourage further cooperation and dialogue between the humanities, science and the general public.

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Postdoctoral researcher

I specialize in mortuary archaeology and research of Iron Age, Medieval, and Post-Medieval burials. I am also interested in how microarchaeology and the study of individuals may open new windows into the past and create more nuanced information about it. I have also experience from fieldwork, collaboration with metal detectorists, and I am also interested in object studies and the ethics of working with human remains. I currently work in the Kinura project, in which I study kinship systems, exogamy practices, female mobility in the Baltic Sea Region in the Iron Age.

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Zbigniew Fiema, Docent (Classical Archaeolgy)

Georg Haggrén, Docent (Historical Archaeology)

Petri Halinen, Docent (Archaeology)

Juha-Antti Junno, Docent (Archaeology)

Jarmo Kankaanpää, Docent (Archaeology)

Mikael Manninen, Docent (Archaeology)
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Jari Okkonen, Docent (Archaeology)

Tuija Rankama, Docent (Archaeology)

Johan Ronnby, Docent (Marine Archaeology)

Timo Salminen, Docent (Archaeology)

Liisa Seppänen, Docent (Historical Archaeology)

Jussi-Pekka Taavitsainen, Emerit. Docent (Historical Archaeology)

Tuukka Talvio, Emerit. Docent (Numismatics)

Pirjo Uino, Emerit. Docent (Archaeology)

Kari Uotila, Docent (Archaeology)

Tiina Äikäs, Docent (Archaeology)

Melanie Wasmuth, Docent (Archaeology)

Rick Bonnie, Docent (Archaeology)