Master Class started in 2012 as a cooperation between University of Helsinki and LähiTapiola. Since 2013, three “Hyvä yhteiskunta Master Class” programs have taken place with a focus on the future of the welfare society. Some 130 participants, 30 mentors and a good number of experts have tackled issues such as development of health and social services, public-private-people partnerships, safety and security in urban environments and how to create sustainable business models surrounding these issues.

At each Master Class, participants get to experience co-creation in an interdisciplinary group of young experts. Everyone's views and assumptions are tested and weighted.

The interdisciplinarity has been awesome. Everyone in our group has a different area of expertise. We've challenged each other and at times had some very heated conversations, says a participant from the 2013 Master Class.

"At first we discussed our general know-how: employment history, hobbies, networks and other useful skills we have gained outside academia. Then we put all that to use in our group. This practice would work at universities as well – students aren't just blank slates."

​​​​​​​– 2014 Master Class participant

During the years, Master Class participants have encouraged each other to reach new heights in teamwork and co-creation. Experts and students from different positions in society have all an unique possibility to co-create solutions to massive challenges.

“Master Class added to my belief that even if the challenge is big and your team is big, you can wrap up a hands-on solution.
2013 Master Class participant
“I loved it how we could challenge each other in the team and no-one took it personally.
– 2014 Master Class participant
Master Class Amsterdam 2013

KEKOkodit, the winning team of Master Class 2013, on their excursion to Amsterdam with the producers of the program.


“During our journey we were encouraged to find and use research paper on our subject. That made me understand how academic knowledge is intertwined with development work and how useful it is.

2014 Master Class participant


“I’m usually bad at telling or doing something that is incomplete. I tend to want to think things through. Master Class’ concept of experimenting and developing ideas was a very welcome change in my way of thinking.

– 2013 Master Class participant