conference practical information

The Conference is held in Zoom

The conference will take place online via Zoom. All registered participants have received Zoom meeting links via e-mail. Please do not share the Zoom meeting links and passwords you've received with anyone. 

We recommend using the Zoom application for participating in meetings. You can, however, also participate in a Zoom meeting using the browser without the Zoom application. You should note, however, that the browser version of Zoom has limited functionalities and that it works best in Google Chrome. The Zoom Client for Meetings as well as the Zoom Mobile Application is available for manual download here

  • Keep your cameras and microphones shut when you're not performing or asking questions.
  • Before joining the meeting, close all unnecessary applications and turn off all sound notifications on your computer.
  • When joining the meeting, please use your full name as your screen name.
  • When possible, use a wired network connection on your computer to avoid screen freeze or ensure you have a stable and secure Wi-fi connection. Also keep your laptop connected to a charger if possible.
  • Preferably, use a separate microphone or headset to improve audio quality.
  • For presenters, there is a test session held on Friday the 27th of November. Zoom link to the test session has been sent via e-mail to all presenters.

All questions will be answered at the end of the presentations. Please do not interrupt the presentations by opening your microphone.

While the presentation is being held, you can ask permission for your question by raising your hand

In Zoom, you can raise your hand by clicking the symbol shown below:
Zoom raise hand

At the end of the presentation, participants can ask their questions by opening their microphones. Questions will be asked in the order of the raised hands. 
You can also ask your question in the chat. Chat questions will be answered in the end if there is time remaining. 


If you are a chairman of a session, please attend either the test session on Friday the 27th, or visit the virtual lobby on the conference days. You can also contact Anna Isotalo ( for further questions. 

The zoom link for the conference is the same for both of the conference days. There have been reported cases, where participants have had trouble joining the session on the second day, when the link is the same. Here are some tips in case trouble occurs.


  • If you are using Zoom application, sign out, and then sign in again.
  • If you are using Zoom in a webpage, cleare the cache memory.
  • You can also try using another browser. In general, chrome should be the best browser to use with Zoom.

Funet Miitti (Zoom) and the pub­lic Zoom ser­vice are dif­fer­ent services

The University of Helsinki uses the Funet Miitti (Zoom) service, which is provided by CSC and implemented through the NORDUnet in cooperation with other Nordic countries. The service is implemented in compliance with Finnish law and European data protection regulations. The Zoom service provided by CSC and NORDUnet is technically different from the Zoom service provided by the US-based Zoom Video Communications, Inc.

The news on the transmission of phone numbers or credit card information does not concern the service provided by CSC and NORDUnet. TheNORDUnet environment does not use Zoom cloud storage, and Zoom has no access to the video or audio from meetings. The service description of Funet Miitti is public.