Organisers and affiliated projects


University of Helsinki

Organising committee

Chair: Professor Christel Lamberg-Allardt, University of Helsinki, Finland

Secretary: PhD Suvi Itkonen, University of Helsinki, Finland

Senior Researcher, PhD Rikke Andersen, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark

PhD Anne Björk, Uppsala University, Sweden

Professor Haakon Meyer, University of Oslo & Norwegian Institute of Public Health, Norway

Professor Inge Tetens, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

PhD Jóhanna Torfadóttir, Icelandic Cancer Society, Iceland

Affiliated projects

The workshop is organised as a part of the project “Update on vitamin D status and its determinants in the Nordic countries”, of which objectives are to follow up on the implementation of the Nordic Nutrition Recommendations 2012 on vitamin D intake in the Nordic countries and the policies implemented after the update of the NNR. A report on the current state of vitamin D status in the Nordic countries will be written and the results of the report will be discussed in the workshop. The report will include information for the authorities in the Nordic countries with suggestions for recommendations on fortification, supplementation and sunlight exposure taking into account different age and ethnic groups. Working groups and panel discussions at the workshop will give the final input to the report that will be published on the Nordic Council of Ministers website.