Nordic ESPAnet

Nordic ESPAnet is a regional association that promotes research on welfare policy in the Nordic countries. It aims at to support and strengthen networking among researchers across disciplines and countries. The workshops and conferences organized by Nordic ESPAnet support collaboration and encourage cross country comparisons, and the training of the next generation of experts in welfare policy. Nordic ESPAnet will be a platform for developing new research proposals and dialogue. It will provide profound understanding about welfare policy as an academic discipline. Furthermore, one of the main purposes of the network is offer support for the younger scholars.

What does the Nordic ESPAnet do in practice?

The board will organize biannual workshops for doctoral students and biannual conferences. The first conference was organised in Helsinki in 2019. The title was Towards resilient Nordic welfare states –challenges, responses and consequences. The website of conference will be used as a  temporary website of Nordic ESPAnet. 

The network is currently using the existing ESPAnet email address lists to disseminate information about the Nordic ESPAnet and our events to potential participants. 

Past events 

Nordic ESPAnet workshop for doctoral students and early-career researchers, 
10 December 2020, Oslo Metropolitan University, Oslo, Norway 

Social Citizenship, Solidarity and Sustainability – The changing landscape of welfare in the Nordic countries 

Nordic ESPAnet workshop for doctoral students and early career researchers
10 December 2020, Online (Zoom), Oslo/Brussels time zone - Programme 


The Nordic ESPAnet Board

Professor Guðný Björk Eydal, University of Iceland 
Professor Helena Blomberg-Kroll, University of Helsinki
Professor Jonas Edlund, Umeå University
Research Professor Anne Skevik Grødem, Institute for Social Research
Professor Rune Halvorsen, Oslo Metropolitan University
Professor Heikki Hiilamo, University of Helsinki / Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare
Professor Liisa Häikiö, Tampere University 
Professor Jon Kvist, Roskilde University
Professor Janine Leschke, Copenhagen Business School
Professor Thomas Lorentzen, University of Bergen
Professor Kenneth Nelson, Stockholm University Professor
Pofessor Caroline de la Porte, Copenhagen Business School
Assistant professor Kolbeinn Hólmar Stefánsson, University of Iceland