Participants (Titles and Abstracts)

Francisco Apurinã and Pirjo K. Virtanen (University of Brasilia and University of Helsinki), The worlds of non-humans, the Apurinã, and language

Janne Saarikivi (University of Helsinki), Making of the landscapes: naming as means of organizing material world

Karina Lukin (University of Helsinki), Mammoth and the Materiality of Nenets Mythic Worlds

Kristina Yuzieva (University of Helsinki), Bird-Image in Mari Traditional Vision: Owl

Laura Siragusa and Olga Zhukova (University of Helsinki and RAN Petrozavodsk), The Materiality of Vepsian puheged and vajhed/pakitas

Madis Arukask (University of Tartu), The Vepsian herdsman: in between fixed textual genres and silence

Vesa Matteo Piludu (University of Helsinki), Mimesis in the Forest and in the Village: Changing Bodies and Environments in the Finno-Karelian Bear Ceremonials

Victoria Peemot (University of Helsinki), Not Every Horse is a Horse. The Equine Vocabulary in Tyva Language