The European Union is going through an extended period of uncertainty and instability, which is posing serious challenges to its legitimacy and foundations. Refugees and terrorism, Brexit and the rule of law, the financial and economic reforms and external trade, have given life to renewed debate among scholars about the future developments of the European Union as a legal system and as a polity, and, more in general, of the European continent in a period in which the basic tenets of globalization are themselves under challenge. This unprecedented state of affairs requires intense and creative discussion, producing fresh ideas concerning the main problems, how to address them and possible scenarios. As a result, the best approach to this complex theme is interdisciplinary. The purpose of this symposium is to contribute to the global debate from a young scholars’ perspective. Possible topics include, but are not restricted to:

  • the crisis of the EU liberal project of integration
  • the compatibility of the vocabulary of constitutionalism with EU integration
  • the consequences of Brexit for the EU system of protection of fundamental freedoms
  • the future trade and investment relationship between the EU and third countries
  • the role of the EU in common foreign and security policy
  • the area of freedom, security and justice
  • the reform of the economic and financial system
  • the rule of law crisis in Central and Eastern Europe
  • the Catalan case