Programme of the Symposium

                                                                        Young Researchers Symposium on ”The Future of Europe”


Location: Consistorium Hall, Main Building, Fabianinkatu 33 2nd floor


Tuesday, May 8


8.00-8.45                     Registration/Coffee

8.45-9.00                     Opening remarks (Massimo Fichera; Pia Letto-Vanamo, Dean of the Faculty of Law)

9.00-11.00                   1st session

11.00-13.00                 2nd session

13.00-14.00                 Lunch

14.00-16.00                 Keynote Speech- JHH Weiler, Joseph Straus Professor of Law, New York University

16.00-16.30                 coffee break

16.30-18.00                 3rd session

18.00                            Cocktail/Reception (Teachers' Lounge, Faculty of Law, Porthania)


Wednesday, May 9


8.30-10.30                   4th session

10.30-11.00                 coffee break

11.00-13.30                 5th session

13.30-14.30                 Lunch

14.30-15.00                 Concluding observations (Massimo Fichera)


                                                          ***   ***   ***

1st session (Freedoms, Sovereignty and the Rule of Law) 

(Chair: Panu Minkkinen, Professor of Jurisprudence, Faculty of Law, University of Helsinki)


Anna Wennakoski (Helsinki)  

How to Regain Momentum? Revisiting Sovereignty and Legitimacy in the EU

Maria Varaki  (Helsinki)          

Revisiting the Rule of Law concept inside the EU

Eduardo Gill-Pedro  (Lund)                           

The EU As A Coercive Polity: The Case of the European Public Prosecutor's Office            

Vesa Heikkinen (Helsinki)     

The inadequacy of liberal citizenship


2nd session (Governance, Regulation and Crisis)

(Chair: Päivi Leino-Sandberg, Professor of European Transnational Law, Faculty of Law, University of Helsinki )


Edoardo Fragale (Pescara)     

Overcoming the EU crisis by governing the market                                                                 

Birgit Aasa (EUI)              

Trust as a New Governance Method of European Integration – Some Theoretical and Empirical Insights

Paul Dermine  (Maastricht)        

The Future of Fiscal Governance in the Eurozone            

Maria Schmidt-Kessen (EUI)      

The Future of IP-competition Conflicts in EU Law


3rd session (Withdrawal, Secession and Integration)

(Chair: Jo Shaw, Salvesen Chair of European Institutions, School of Law, University of Edinburgh and EURIAS Fellow, Helsinki Collegium)


Adrienne Yong (City, London)        

A “Just” Brexit for EU Citizens?

Kamal Makili-Aliyev (Lund)          

Case of Catalonia: a return of the issue of self-determination to the European context?

Claudia Bianca Ceffa (Pavia)        

The European integration project and the problem of democratic legitimacy in the European legislative decision-making process: the role  of European regional parliaments and the case study of Italian Lombardy Region


4th session (The economic and social dimension)

(Chair: Juha Raitio, Professor of European Law, Faculty of Law, University of Helsinki)


Maria Wasastjerna (Helsinki)

EU competition policy and privacy in the 21st century digital economy

Jussi Jaakkola (Turku)        

The democratic dilemma of the European power to tax - towards a European fiscal regime?

Egle Dagilyte   (Anglia Ruskin University)                    

Posting of workers and cross-border workers' solidarity in the EU: the law is not enough

Ondrej Svoboda  (Charles University, Prague)     

The Common Commercial Policy after Opinion 2/15: What next?


5th session (Courts and Fundamental Rights)

(Chair: Tuomas Ojanen, Professor of Constitutional Law, Faculty of Law, University of Helsinki)


Mirka Kuisma (Turku)         

Future directions of the Court of Justice

Yann Lorans  (Paris/Leuven)           

Fundamental rights review of EU legislation as a vector for politicization

Marco Bassini (Bocconi)        

Constitutional pluralism and fundamental rights protection in the last chapter of the Taricco affaire. Revirement or threat to the  primacy of EU law?

Siina Raskulla (Tampere)         

Corporate Constitutional Duties in Post-Crisis EU, and the Future of Fundamental Rights in European Union