After the Anthropocene: Time and Mobility

University of Helsinki, Siltavuorenpenger 3 A (Athena 302)


Thursday 13th June

9:00- 9:15       Welcoming words - Pasi Heikkurinen and Toni Ruuska

9:15- 9:30       Conversation with a stone - Jyri Pirinen

9:30- 10:00     Deep ecology, Ojibwe culture and Louise Erdrich’s Birchbark House Series - Tiina Wikström

10:00- 10:30   Structuring the reach towards the future - Philip McShane and Terry Quinn

10:30- 11:00   Coffee break

11:00- 11.30   Regenerative agriculture, regenerative economies? Exploring the emerging concept - Galina Kallio, Risto Musta and Maxim Vlasov

11:30- 12:00   Food fovereignty and the post-Anthropocene - Julia Bayly

12:00- 12:30   Indigenous food sovereignty - Julie Pelletier

12:30- 13:00   Convergences and divergences between ecovillages and self-sufficiency households – Evidence from two ongoing ethnographies - Elif Erdogan Öztekin and Eeva Houtbeckers

13:00- 14:00   Lunch at Unicafe Olivia

14:00- 14:30   Visions of the future: Severino, Gorz, and Haraway between utopia and dystopia - Pierre Tosi

14:30- 15:00   Organising in the post-Anthropocene: What does production in a sustainable degrowth society entail? - Iana Nesterova and Ben Robra

15:00- 15:30   Towards a post-capitalist society: Strategies for an economically, socially and environmentally responsive built-environment - Naji Akbar, Adel Boregh and Jamal Abdelgheny

15:30- 16:00   Scarcity, limits, and degrowth: which way forward? - Kristoffer Wilén

19:00-              Colloquium dinner at Temppelinaukio (close to Temppelinaukio Rock Church)


Friday 14th June

9:00-9:30         Literary dimensions of nuclear Anthropocene  - Inna Sukhenko

10:00-10:30    The aesthetics of mobility - Albert Mayr

10:30-11:00    Circle of wellness: Contemporary Hawaiian approaches to restoring balance - Douglas Herman

10:30-11:00    Coffee break

11:00-11:30    “The climate is out of joint! O cursed spite! That ever I was born to set it right.” – Nonhuman hauntology after the Anthropocene - Andrzej Marzec

11:30- 12:00   The Anthropocene exit: Reconciling tensions between discourses and the epoch - Pasi Heikkurinen, Toni Ruuska, Kristoffer Wilén and Marko Ulvila

12:00-12:30    Will packing problems persist in the post-Anthropocene? - Lovisa Solbär

12:30-13:30    Lunch at Unicafe Olivia

13:30- 14:00   Envisioning proximity tourism through new materialism - Outi Rantala, Valtonen Anu, Salmela Tarja and Höckert Emily

14:00- 14:30   A conceptual framework for post-growth work in the Global North - Eeva Houtbeckers

14:30-15:00    Group discussion

15:30-              Boat trip to Suomenlinna Fortress

16:15-18:15    Ecopsychology dialogue in Suomenlinna

18:30-              Dinner at Valimo restaurant in Suomenlinna