TEPE 2020 Conference

TEPE 2020 Conference
Teacher Education Policy in Europe, 13-15 May 2020, Helsinki, Finland
Teacher Education Policy in Europe, 13-15 May 2020, Helsinki, Finland

Virtual TEPE 2020 Conference

13th - 15th of May 2020

Due to the present global health crisis caused by the COVID-19 virus and in accordance with the recommendations of WHO and the national health authorities, we were obliged to cancel the physical TEPE 2020 conference.

TEPE Conference is organised VIRTUALLY on the given dates.


TEPE Policy Statement 2020 is now available here:




Welcome to the conference


The theme of the 14th TEPE conference is sustainability and ethics in teacher education and education policy. Through this theme, the TEPE network hopes to explore teacher education, the teaching profession and teacher education policy through explicitly ethics and sustainability-related perspectives. This theme connects with important global developments, trends and discourses, and therefore reflects societal needs. Urgent themes are how teacher education can provide solutions to global learning crises through teachers’ high-quality professional work and by creating sustainable learning opportunities for all learners. Through the conference, we hope to explore what these concepts entail in teacher education and teacher education policy, and how might we make sure that while the ethical and sustainable solutions are called for in all areas of life, also teacher education and related policies acknowledge their responsibility.

Ethics and sustainability can be explored through many perspectives. For instance, we may ask, does teacher education and policy take into account the changing global situation? What are the prerequisites for sustainable teacher education policy? The teaching profession is considered to be an ethical profession, but how does this important aspect manifest itself in teacher education policy, and to what extent do teacher education policy acknowledge and support high standards of ethics? How could education policy support teacher quality and commitment?

In today’s World, we need to be mindful of how resources are used. The concept of sustainable teacher education policy implies a sustained vision and persistent work towards key goals rather than buzz words and short-term goals. What would a sustainable teacher education policy look like? How can it be achieved, and how does prior research inform the quest for sustainable teacher education policy? These, and other related questions will be explored through keynote speeches, parallel thematic sessions, panels, working sessions and poster presentations around three main themes, namely:

Theme 1. Towards more sustainable education and overcoming global learning crisis: a new challenge for teacher education policy and practice

Theme 2. Teaching as an ethical profession

Theme 3. Sustainability in teacher education and teacher education policy

This conference provides opportunities to share research findings in teacher education, relate research to teacher education policies and policy-making, and engage in fruitful and visionary discussion on how to bridge research-based knowledge and policy-making in an effort to create sustainable teacher education where beneficence and justice have a high priority.

In May 13-15, the TEPE 2020 conference is organized in an exceptional time and totally virtually. We have faced the serious COVID-19 and this virus has overrun the whole global world. Universities and schools are closed in most countries. However, we do not want to give up, we still want to  be in connection with our friends and colleagues who are working for sustainable teaching profession and teacher education. Our persistent efforts for making high-quality education to all are needed more than ever.

You all are the most welcome to the Virtual TEPE 2020 conference!


Prof. Hannele Niemi                                                                     Prof. Erika Löfström

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