Sustainability Science Day 2017

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What are the pathways that lead to a more sustainable world?

Pathways to Sustainability Transformation Science Day provided a discussion forum for researchers, students, policy makers, companies and other interest groups. It aimed to support dialogue between science and the society as well as served as a platform for sustainability scientists to present their latest research findings. To increase the societal impact of the event, a policy brief was formed from the findings discussed in the event.

Watch recording from the event 2017

Summary about the event in Finnish


Photos from Plenary Speeches 2017

Here you can find materials from two day event 2017

Thursday workshop

Materials in Finnish

Workshop one

Workshop two

Materials from Urban Academy

Workshop three


Sustainability certification for mining
More information: Jack Räisänen

Cricular econmy of metals - Systemic change
More information: Kaisa Manninen

Social sustainability in minig industry
More Information: Rebecca Dukpa

Friday Key Note Beth Perry

Materials in English

Friday Working Groups

Materials in English

1. Un­der­stand­ing hu­man nature in­ter­face


2. Novel ap­proaches en­han­cing trans­form­a­tions


3. En­han­cing prac­tices for trans­form­a­tion


4. Urban trans­form­a­tions


5. To­wards sys­temic change


6. Trans­form­a­tion of so­cial-eco­lo­gical sys­tems



PDF version for Abstract Book 2017