What do I gain from participating to the workshops?

What will doctoral students and post PhD researchers gain from participating? Becoming a researcher and academic is a journey with challenges and triumphs. This seminar provides a possibility to reflect on your needs and prospects as an early career researcher. Come and share your experiences and find out about tools and resources for researcher development, and overcoming challenges typically faced during the doctoral and post- doctoral experience.

What will doctoral supervisors gain from participating?  If you are doctoral supervisor, and feel that catering for a diversity of needs is challenging, then this seminar offers you a forum to discuss challenges and good practices on how to support the juniors in the academic community. Come find out what the research on PhD supervision.

What will institutional developers and administrators gain from participating? Early-career researchers constitute a significant human resource and competence reserve, they are also future of academia. If you are concerned how research on early career researchers and supervision is harnessed to support evidence based development of doctoral education, then the seminar will open a forum for idea-sharing, networking and discussion on possible solutions how to support early-career researchers, and sound policy-making.

Who is the seminar intended for?

The questions around academic careers and how to support early career researchers in finding their way through academia concern multiple stakeholders, including early career researchers themselves, academic faculty and supervisors and institutional developer, and administrators. The target audience of this seminar are particularly PhD students, post PhD researchers, doctoral supervisors and institutional developers. Maximum of 24 participants for each of the workshop will be admitted. The attendance is free of charge (including the lunch), but only those who register can attend the workshops.

Programme Wednesday the 23rd of October, 2019

Faculty of Educational Sciences, University of Helsinki, Minerva building (K2), Siltavuorenpenger 5 A/Brobergsterrassen 5 A.

10.00–10.15: Registration (Minerva building)

10.15–10.30: Welcoming words and introductions to the parallel workshops

10.30–12.30: Parallel workshops

12.30–13.30: Lunch

13.30–15.30: Parallel workshops

15.30–15.45: Coffee break

15.45–17.30: Facilitators debriefing (optional for doctoral supervisors, university teachers or institutional developers responsible for giving workshops in their own institution).

Explore more detailed workshop descriptions, timetable, and intended target audiences on the Workshops page.