Dr. Ritva Dammert is the Director of Research Services at the University of Helsinki. Since 1997 she has worked in various science policy expert positions at the Academy of Finland (the main governmental research funding agency in Finland) and at Aalto University. She has diverse experience in science policy work and international activities.

Dr. Dammert’s scientific background is in polymer chemistry. Dr. Dammert worked several years at the Academy of Finland before joining the staff of Aalto University in the beginning of 2010. Ritva Dammert has been actively involved in several international activities, e.g. Scientific collaboration Japan and China, and support activities of EU FP6 and FP7.

At the moment Dr. Dammert is a Director of development responsible for the Research Services Sector at the University of Helsinki. The sector supports the leadership of the university in strategic matters regarding research, doctoral education and innovation. It supports researchers providing services related to obtaining and managing externally funded research projects.

Since July 2009, Kurt Deketelaere is the Secretary-General of the League of European Research Universities (LERU), an association of twenty-three leading comprehensive and research-intensive universities, promoting the interests of frontier research, innovation and education with the EU institutions. For his leadership in EU research, innovation and education policy, he was awarded a doctorate honoris causa by the University of Edinburgh on 6 July 2017, and the Scaliger Medal by Leiden University on 19 September 2017. Before joining LERU, Kurt was the chief legal advisor (2004-2007) and the chief of staff (2007-2009) of the Flemish Minister for Public Works, Energy, Environment and Nature. 

He is still a full professor of Environmental, Energy, Climate and Construction Law (however on parttime leave since 2007) at the University of Leuven, the university where he studied law (1984–1989), obtained his PhD in Law (1989-1995) and spent (until now) his whole academic career. Furthermore, he was awarded the Hou-De Honorary Chair at the National Tsing Hua University in Taiwan, and has been a visiting professor of law at the Universities of London, Sydney, Singapore, Malta, Dundee, Keio and Chuo.

He is a member of the International Advisory Board of IE University (Madrid) and Humanitas University (Milano), the High Level Advisory Board of the Insight Foresight Institute (IFI) in Madrid, and the International Leadership Advisory Board of the Center for Learning Innovations and Customized Knowledge Solutions (Dubai). Upon the invitation of the European Commission, he is a member of the Open Science Policy Platform and the ABS Consultation Forum. 

Finally, Kurt chairs the Flemish Environmental Damages Commission, co-chairs the Malta Legal Forum on Adaptation to Climate Change, and is on the board of a number of profit organisations in Belgium. He is chairman of Sustainability College Bruges since June 2017 and chaired the Flemish Energy Regulator between 2012 and 2017.

Vice-Rector Paula Eerola is in charge of research, research infrastructure and postgraduate research education. Her job description also entails innovation activities and business collaboration, as well as the University’s internal IT services. Paula Eerola, DPhil, has worked as a professor of experimental particle physics at the University of Helsinki since 2008. She has also served as the dean of the Faculty of Science in 2018 and as the director of the Helsinki Institute of Physics (HIP) in 2016–2017.

Minna Huotilainen is Professor of Educational Sciences at the University of Helsinki. Her background is in brain research and she applies neuroscience to understand learning in schools and in work life.

Esa Hämäläinen is currently the Director of Administration of the University of Helsinki. Director of Administration has an overall responsibility of the university administration. He is member of the Rector's senior management team, member of the management team of University Group and Secretary General of the Board of the University. He is the executive officer of University Services, providing services for education and research, general administrative services and services in strategic planning, finance, human resources and communications and corporate relations both centrally and locally in on-site teams. He is chairman and member of Board of Directors in several university-owned companies and national associations. He is currently also the chairman of HUMANE, the European Network for Heads of University Administration and Management.

Director of Research Services, University of Kent

Simon has been a research manager and administrator for over 20 years.  He is chair of CASRAI, the international Consortium Advancing Standards in Research Administration Information and is the immediate past chair of ARMA, the UK Association of Research Managers and Administrators. He was the PI on the NCURA funder Research Administration as a Profession (RAAAP) project.  He also sits on the UUK Open Access Co-ordinating Group and was a member of the team that produced the Metric Tide report and has served on a number of other national UK committees on topics such as research impact, open access, grant management systems, research development, research assessment and research information management.  Simon holds a doctorate in research management and administration.

As Dean of Research at Hanken School of Economics Timo Korkeamäki leads and plans matters related to research. He is responsible for the research service within the Centre for Research and International Affairs. Timo is also Chair in the PhD programme board, the directorate of the Center and member of the rectorate and the executive management at Hanken. Since 2016 he is also a member of the steering committee of the EUA Council for Doctoral Education.

Timo’s area of expertise includes corporate finance, financial markets, and financial institutions. He has published articles in a wide variety of academic outlets, including the Journal of Finance and the Journal of Corporate Finance. Timo has also published policy-related work for the Finnish Prime Minister's Office and in the Finnish Journal of Foreign Affairs.

M.Sc. (Eng.), Executive Director, Business Finland Oy

Teija Lahti-Nuuttila is professional in innovation strategies and funding. She has 25 years of work experience from both private and public sector especially in the areas of research and development, sustainable use of natural resources and cleantech. Teija Lahti-Nuuttila is currently operating as Executive Director at Business Finland Oy. She is responsible for the service area Ecosystems. Mrs Lahti-Nuuttila is a graduate of Åbo Akademi University where she received a Master´s of Science degree in Process Technology. Through her career Mrs Lahti-Nuuttila has achieved extensive understanding of the function of the whole innovation chain. She has also international experience and she has worked in several committees and steering groups both in Finland and abroad. She is an invited member of the Finnish Academy of Technical Sciences and she has awarded with honor of Knight, First Class, of the Order of the White Rose of Finland.

Ms. Anita Lehikoinen was appointed Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Education and Culture on 1 May 2013. She is head of operations of the Ministry in cooperation with the Minister of Education and the Minister for European Affairs, Culture and Sport, and leads the implementation of the Government programme within the Ministry´s administrative sector. She supervises the internal functions of the Ministry and plays a significant role in preparing the Ministry to respond to future challenges.

Anita Lehikoinen has been employed with the Finnish Ministry of Education since 1989. Prior to her current position, she served as Director General in the Ministry, in charge of higher education and science policy development. She has also worked in the field of higher education, and was responsible for the implementation of the Bologna process in Finland and internationalisation strategy for higher education, among other things. She has also been involved in work to reform the steering system of Finnish universities. Ms Lehikoinen has served in many national and European committees in the field of higher education, research and internationalisation.

Riitta Maijala is Vice-President for Research and leads the preparation, execution and development of research funding, research infrastructures and international co-operation at the Academy of Finland. She is actively involved in national and international activities related to science, research and innovation. Over 20 years she has hold leading positions and professorships in scientific and in decision making organizations in Finland and in the EU. As the Head of the Science Policy Section at the Ministry of Education and Culture, she was responsible for drafting and implementing strategies of science, research and innovation policies and use of scientific knowledge.

Before 2013, she has worked in the European Food Safety Authority, the Finnish Food Safety Authority, the Finnish Veterinary and Food Research Institute and University of Helsinki and actively contributed to the fields of research and decision making including development of scientific advisory functions at national and international level. Her scientific area of expertise includes veterinary public health and risk analysis. She holds a PhD (veterinary medicine), Specialist degree in Infectious Animal Diseases, Diplomate of the European College of Veterinary Public Health (currently non- practicing) and is adjunct professor (docent) at the University of Helsinki.

Arto Mustajoki is professor emeritus of Russian language at the University of Helsinki. Besides Russian, he has done research on linguistic theory, miscommunication and Russian mind. Mustajoki has been an active writer for other than scientific audiences, as well: textbooks and computer programmes for schools, teaching programmes for TV, books for the public, articles, columns and blogs for academic and non-academic readers. Mustajoki has been involved in academic administration in many ways: head of department, dean of faculty, vice-rector at the Helsinki University, chair of the Council for culture and society and the Board of the Academy of Finland, president of the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters. Mustajoki has been a representative of Finland in several international organisations (ESF, ESFRI, MAPRYAL, among others). His co-authored book New approach to research ethics: Using guided dialogue to strengthen research communities (Routledge, 2017) gives tools to solve ethically problems which occur in doing and publishing research, supervising, recruitments, assessments, media contacts, knowledge transfer and science policy.

Aarno Palotie, M.D., Ph.D. is the research director of the Human Genomics program at FIMM. He is also a faculty member at the Center for Human Genome Research at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston and associate member of the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard.

Aarno has a long track record in human disease genetics. He has hold professorships and group leader positions at the University of Helsinki, UCLA, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard and the Massachusetts general hospital. He has also been the director of the Finnish Genome Center and Laboratory of Molecular Genetics in the Helsinki University Hospital. He has served in numerous national and international boards, including the FIMM board. He is the Chief Scientific Officer of the large FinnGen  project that collects the genome and health record data from 500 000 Finnish participants.

Aarno has also chaired several large international research consortia and as a member or chair in national and international expert panels, including the International Headache Genetics Consoritum (IHGC) and the SISu (Sequencing Initiative Suomi) consortium that combines all genome or exome wide sequence data produced from Finnish samples. Aarno Palotie has extensive experience in establishing, running and overseeing infrastructures both in research and clinical settings. In addition to running clinical laboratories and the Finnish Genome Center, he served as the director of Medical Sequencing and a member of the sequencing committee in the Sanger Institute, established and run the tissue array unit in UCLA and has been a key player in planning the National Genome Strategy and national biobanking strategies in Finland. He has published over 400 original publications, reviews and book chapters.

Dr., D.Sci. (Tech) h.c. Anneli Pauli has extensive national and international experience in leading science, research, innovation and university policies. She has had numerous positions of trust in different high-level groups and boards on an international, EU and national level. During the last 17 years Anneli Pauli has hold key senior management positions in the European Commission, Academy of Finland, Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) and a Science Centre. In the Commission she worked 6.5 years as a Deputy Director- General both in DG “Research as Innovation” and in the Joint Research Centre (JRC), and 1.5 years as an Adviser Hors Classe  (Senior Advisor to the Director General) in Innovation and Competitiveness issues at DG Climate Action. In the Academy of Finland Anneli Pauli worked as the Vice-President being responsible for developing and implementing both science and international cooperation policies.  Before being appointed as the Vice-President she worked as the Secretary General at the Research Council for Biosciences and Environment in the Academy. At LUT she worked as the Rector, and at Heureka Science Centre she was the Director. Earlier in her career she worked as a researcher in research institutes and universities, as well as for the Ministry of Environment. In 1995 Anneli Pauli was appointed as an Adjunct Professor at Helsinki University of Technology (now Aalto University), and in 2012 she was conferred by the Aalto University the title of Doctor of Science in Technology, h.c. She holds a PhD (limnology, microbiology) from the University of Helsinki

Member of the European Parliament (since 2008) Sirpa Pietikäinen (M.Sc. Econ., Helsinki School of Economics) is Member in the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs, Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety, and in the Committee on Women's Rights and Gender Equality.

As the current key positions of trust she is Member of the Board at Kone Oyj, Fortum Advisory Council and Lammi Savings Bank. Furthermore, Sirpa is Chairman of the Supervisory Board at The Finnish Lifelong Learning Foundation and at KONE Foundation, The Advisory Board of the Saari Residence.

Earlier Sirpa Pietikäinen was Member of Finnish Parliament in 1983–2003 and Minister of the Environment of Finnish Government 1991–1995. For full details please visit sirpapietikainen.net.