Keynote speakers


Ellen Bramwell, University of Glasgow

Ellen Bramwell gained her PhD in 2012 from the English Language & Linguistics department at the University of Glasgow. Her thesis examined personal naming practices in five communities within Scotland with differing social profiles, including both immigrant and indigenous communities. She has published in the areas of metaphor, semantics and lexicography, digital humanities, personal names, socio-onomastics and anthropology, and colour terms. Her onomastic research considers all types of personal names, whether official or unofficial, and concentrates on the links between names, context, and culture.


Frog, University of Helsinki

Frog received his PhD from University College London and his Docentship from the University of Helsinki, where he is he is presently an Academy of Finland Research Fellow at the Department of Folklore Studies. His research concentrates on continuities and variation in cultural expression from both syncronic and diachronic perspectives, focusing especially on oral poetry and mythology in Finno-Karelian and Scandinavian-Germanic cultures as well as outcomes of cultural contacts in the Circum-Baltic region more generally.

A. Loma

Aleksandar Loma, University of Belgrade and Serbian Academy of Sciences

Aleksandar Loma, born 1955 in Valjevo, Serbia, Full Professor at the Department of Classics, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade, teaching fields Greek, History of Religions; Full Member of Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, leader for the project of the Etymological Dictionary of Serbian at the Serbian Language Institute of SASA. Research fields: Indo‑European Comparative Linguistics, with the stress on Greek, Slavic, Indo‑Iranian and the ancient languages of the Balkans. Among his publications, there are many dealing exclusively or partially with historical onomastics.